The Panther Party

When we stand together, we stand for each other. When we live together, we live for each other. When we speak together, our voices are louder.

All Power To The PEOPLE!

The Panther Party acts in solidarity with the Black Panther Party. We accept members of any race, religion, sexual orientation, or capability. If you are for the people, you have a place in The Panther Party.

History of the Party

The White Panther Party was brought to Washington for the first time in May of 2021. In solidarity and comradery with the Black Panther Party of WA, the White Panther Party organized, expanded, and supported the communities of WA. 

At the beginning of 2022, The Central Committee of the White Panther Party voted that an evolution in the party was necessary. The WA chapter of the WPP has always been accepting of all races, but we decided that running under a white flag was counter-revolutionary. In that light, and with the solidarity of the Black Panther Party, we updated our platform to The Panther Party.

The Panther Party has since created chapters all over the country, with the National Chapter based in the Tacoma/Lakewood area of WA. If you wish to create or partner with a chapter, please use the contact page for more information.

Our Platform

We stand in solidarity with all beings on this earth to create equality and justice.

If the community stands together, we stand as one.

Here is a list of current community programs.

The history of the party, and our ability to uphold their legacy, is an honor we take very seriously. Learn more about us.

If you would like to speak to a member of the party, or are considering membership, we welcome you to contact us,

The Past And The Present

Here is a quick display of the history of The White Panther Party and work in the WA chapter of The Panther Party.

Guns Porch
Group Fist