Through partnership with The Black Panther Party of WA, our local allies, and our neighborhood supporters, we provide what we can to the community.


We strive to support families that have lost loved ones or been otherwise affected by police violence or misconduct.

The, so-called, "police force" in this country is nothing more than the abusive and deadly hand of a system that was built to opress it's people. This system was built by rich white men. The police work for rich white men. They are only protecting rich white men. It is time for the police to be held accountable to the people!

Please click on each picture to learn more about these fallen victims and their cases.

Agriculture and Sustainability

Our environemtal, sustainable growing, and cooking programs help members of our community grow their own food and cook nutritious meals for their families without having to rely on a system that does not support their needs for food or healthy living.

Addo and Bunchy
Bunchy Speaking
GeO and Karuka
Bunchy at street fair

Community Protection

The Panther Party and Black Panther Party of WA support our communities through safety training and providing protection at public and private events. 

Park Clean-Up

We select local parks every saturday for clean up of trash and debris to ensure that our local children have a safe space to play. If you would like to volunteer for a park clean-up, please see the schedule below and contact us at