The Panther Party is accepting of all races, religions, sexual orientiations, and physical capabilities.

If you are here to fight for the people. you are welcome.

We operate in solidarity with The Black Panther Party in the fight for the people to have the power over themselves and their destinies. If we stand together, we stand as one, If we speak together, our voices are more powerful. If we fight together, we fight for everyone.

Please see our ten point platform below to learn more about our demands and beliefs.

Panther Party 
Ten Point Platform
What We Want
What We Believe

1. We stand with our comrades of the Black Panther Party, the Parties of the Rainbow Coalition, and principled revolutionaries of all races, religions, cultures, and sexual orientations. Anyone that fights for the equality of any being on this planet will have our support.

The promise of freedom is one that has gone unfulfilled from the very start of this country. This land is a prison that has been lauded as the land of the free, a death sentence for anyone in pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Black men, women and children were torn from their homes and enslaved in a land built on their backs. The rich white men that founded this country did so by pushing others into servitude. Whether they be chosen by race, religion, class, or capability, it was those that served these elitist
white men in their labor, their wars, and their homes that truly built this country. The time has come for the people to rise. The reign of the capitalist white man is over and from this day forward,

All Power To The People!

2. We want full and fair employment for all people.

Employment is held over the head of the work force with intimidation and cruelty. While every person pursues their livelihood, many are pushed into low wage jobs, poor work conditions, abusive environments, and made to work extended hours, all by the fear of their livelihood being ripped from them.
Many have ended up jobless and homeless due to an oppressive system of collegiate elitism, prejudice, and corruption. Any citizen in pursuit of this so-called "American Dream" should not be forced into a nightmare. For those abandoned and left on the streets, suitable jobs, training, support, and necessary community services must be provided. In order for us to truly move forward as a country, no one can be left behind. For those wishing to build for themselves, equal priority and influence must be provided to private and family-owned businesses as is received by the conglomerates owned by the capitalist white men that line the pockets of the politicians. If the Capitalist will not use their unjust ownership of the means of production to provide for all, then it will be taken from them. Our labor is yours no more.

3. We stand with our comrades of all races in their demand for payment of past labor and loss at the hands of this oppressive system.

The black community was enslaved, beaten, and deemed no more valuable than livestock until their value became convenient to the Imperialist. Even after their freedom was secured, it was revealed to be smoke and mirrors. For hundreds of years, members of many races have labored with no hope of compensation, and it is time for the check to clear. A payment of reparations must be paid to the black community in adherence to the stipulations set forth by the Black Panther Party. Furthermore, the indigenous of this land
were manipulated, slaughtered, and oppressed from the moment the white man crossed the ocean. Their sacred lands must be returned to them and a peaceful treaty must be reached in their unending fight to be recognized and represented in this country. We will no longer recognize the power of a system that is powerless without those it has oppressed.

4. We want fair, suitable, and affordable housing for all.

We believe that no person should be left cold and alone in their fight against the elements. We believe that no person should have to sacrifice their body, their mind, or their happiness, to simply keep a roof over their head. The evil of this country has taken ownership of its lands long enough.

People have been forced from their homes through market manipulation and intimidation. Every person should have equal say in their destiny, to include their home. Throughout Amerikan history, and truly the history of the world, Imperialist have shouted of progress but acted with gentrification, the dissolution of diverse cultures, and the theft of homes, goods, and community wealth.

5. We want truth and justice in the Amerikan Education System.

This is a system of indoctrination, and is built with an unfair priority toward the rich and elite. From Kindergarten through higher education, facilities in wealthy communities are provided advanced
technology, school buildings are built more soundly, educational tools and assets are never in short supply, and extracurricular funding is more extravagant to support higher education scholarship potential for the affluent. Neither the teacher nor the student should be made to buy their own supplies. The teachers should be paid a suitable wage to support the construction of the minds that will then build our future. This construction should be based on common human necessity. We are failing new generations by forcing students into advanced mathematics and sciences rather than the pursuit of their passions. The education system cares more of their understanding to labor than their understanding of their finances and economic oppression, general maintenance, and how to cook a nutritious meal for their families.

In this new system, the truth of our history must not be overlooked, white-washed, or manipulated. The youth of all races must be taught the truth in order for us to build knowledge and understanding of ourselves and our position in this society. The history of humanity is the history of class struggle, and a proper educational system should reflect this fact. Instead, our history has been taught in fabrication and manipulation since its inception. They say that history is written by the victor, but the empire has not yet won this war. So, we all must fight to have our history told in truth and not pledge our allegiance to our oppressors.

6. We want the immediate abolishment of the current United States Constitution.

This document, and current system, was created on the premise slavery and oppression of the masses. In order for this country to move forward we must do it together under a new system of equality and justice for all. This is an ideal that has been promised but remains an unsettled debt to be paid. The Declaration of Independence states that, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness; That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…”. It is time for any who claim to identify with these words to either embrace our revolution or admit their hypocrisy.

The system built by the forefathers of this country was built with the notion that a black man was not a man at all, but a piece of property, no more valuable than the crops grown or the animals farmed. No amendment to this system will change that. It is only through the destruction of the system and its rebirth with a partnership of all people equally that we can truly be recognized as a nation of equality. The laws were built in this system of prejudice and the law of man does not overpower his heart, so as long as racism is in the heart of man, the law follows.

When the exploited shove the feet of their oppressors from their throats to ensure they breathe another day, the oppressor will call that an act of violence. To those sitting at home, silently and blindly believing the narrative of your officials, you are more dangerous than any criminal. You knowingly and shamelessly turn your backs on those suffering for the luxury of status quo. From the ashes of every building that burns in protest, something beautiful will rise. But from the attempted extermination of those fighting oppression, only the judgment of God will follow. You pledge allegiance to a flag but break your
promise to those it represents. You claim liberty and justice for all but from the day they were written, these words have gone unfulfilled.

7. We want the immediate end of police brutality and murder.

It is time for our communities to rise and organize our own defense groups that will assist the community in the proper enforcement of law. A local group of citizens, focused on ensuring the safety and security of their neighbors will be more effective, compassionate, and understanding in all situations.

The current system brutalizes the oppressed and provides immunity to its enforcers to ensure they are not held culpable for their evils. The Police are a direct evolution of slave catchers, strike breakers and overseers, and their role in the community has not changed.

The authorities trusted to ensure the policing of this biased system have been deemed a force and we will no longer recognize the authority of this so-called "police force" as they force the oppressed down into their graves. We will fight along-side anyone fighting for the rights given to us by God, and not those masqueraded in false amendments. We will fight along-side anyone fighting for their right to be free, for their right to breathe, and their right to be on this earth. This is not an advocation of violence; this is an advocation of peace with the understanding that violence begets violence. Our brothers and sisters are dying. Their mothers and fathers are dying. Their husbands and wives are dying. Their children are dying, and we will take it no more.

8. We want an immediate restructuring of the biased legal system.

Every facet of the current legal system is rampant with white supremacy, bias, and corruption. The standards for any attorney or judge to be present in a courtroom must be reviewed and redefined. A simplified and transparent system must be put in place to reduce the manipulation of the citizens. This system will be built on the principle that the law exists to serve people, not private property.

The balance of justice currently lies with the wealthy, and this is not justice at all. Attorney and firm fees should be capped to ensure that any man, regardless of class or wealth, receive the same legal defense.

A judge's rulings should be regularly reviewed by an unbiased, third-party group and if the judge's actions are found to be based on racial or bigoted motives, corruption, or their own prejudices, they should be immediately removed from any ability to practice in the legal system for the remainder of their life.

Sentencing should be uniform and not up to a judge's biases. In this oppressive system, a person found guilty of a non-violent crime is given ten years in prison while rapists and molesters are allowed to walk free. Sentencing is racially driven toward severe sentences for the oppressed. These are all crimes against human decency and a disgusting reality of a corrupt and biased system.

Prison sentencing must be immediately reformed to be utilized in only the most severe cases. Support from social services and mental assessments should be more prominent and will create a more successful legal system than a prison sentence. The capitalist white man has manipulated this system to his will for centuries and it is time for their power to end and the power to be placed in the hands of the people.

9. We want all people being held in all levels of confinement to be immediately retried under the new system of law.

The 14th Amendment of the U.S Constitution gives any citizen a right to be tried by their peers. A peer is a person from a similar economic, social, religious, geographical, environmental, historical, and racial background. It is, therefore, impossible to provide a citizen a fair trial without these parameters being met in all jurors. In order to achieve this goal, the current system of jury duty must be re-strategized to include all citizens and not simply those being selected from tax payers and property owners. To honor these
unfulfilled guarantees, and using a just system of law, all prisoners currently in custody of this unjust system must be given their right to a fair and unbiased trial.

The undertaking of this process will be grueling, but it is through our own inaction and acceptance of our system to be corrupted that this becomes necessary.

10. We want an immediate end to Imperialism's monopoly of political power.

Our political system was built on corruption and we demand a complete reform of our political offices to include term limits for all offices, pension removals for all representatives, salary caps determined by the people, a ban on all stock ownership by government officials and an immediate audit of all representative's finances upon their completion of service. Through these actions alone can the system be wiped clean of corruption and manipulation of special interest groups, religious interference, and corporate corruptions that spin this system to their will.

The Supreme Court of the United States is a mockery to the ideals of this nation. These nine, unelected judges, whose nominations are based in partisan political views, are the sole interpreters of the rights of all citizens. Many of the most horrifying and egregious moments in American history have been determined just by the whims and biases of the US Supreme Court. Their so-called "interpretation" of the American legal system is nothing more than the collection of their own greed, biases, and corruptions. These lifelong appointments must be banished immediately. These positions
must be altered to appointment by national voting, term limits must be put in place, their appointments must follow in line with all other citizen elected officials, and reviews and ratifications of their rulings must be conducted by the American people.

The taxing of the American people has been skewed to benefit the white capitalist men that built the system. A Value Added Tax must be placed on all corporations that benefit from the poverty and struggle of the people. All religious tax breaks must be abolished immediately. A wealth tax must be instituted to ensure the rich, who made their money on the backs of the poor, are properly supporting their communities.

All taxes must then be properly utilized to support our communities. The people must have full transparency and authorization of all tax spending plans to ensure the rhetoric and red-tape utilized by the politicians is no longer a viable smoke screen to manipulate the people. Education, social services, and community support functions are all left by the side as our taxes fund colonial wars, police brutality, and the whim of the imperialism.

The people are not accountable to our government officials, the officials are accountable to the people.

All Power To The People!